MSI and Corbell showcase new Fuzion boards at annual event at Vivocity
Bluetooth 26 Sep 2010

Corbell, the Singapore’s distributor held it’s annual end user gathering event at the usual Vivocity Cineplex last week. Media and end users were invited for a buffet, movie treat and most importantly a technical update on the latest MSI products.

The main focus on the event would be the Fuzion series of boards.  

Fuzion solution based on Lucid Hydra 200 allows users to use upgrade their graphics performance by adding more graphics cards to their system. As most traditional Intel or AMD designs, they don’t allow competitor cards to be used to improve overall system performance. For example, in SLI, you need to get two cards of the same GPU, the same applies for ATi’s CrossFireX.

Some of these problems also exists on chipset support for SLI or CrossFireX. For example, you can’t run SLI on AMD based motherboards. While high end Intel X58 solutions support both CrossFireX and SLI but they don’t allow an ATi card and NVIDIA card to work in tandem. So, if you require multi GPU system, you are quite restricted in the number of choices.

Fuzion resolves these issues as it is found that most poeple   still want to reuse their old VGA cards.  Fuzion thus enables true upgrade path for your old graphics cards and you can enjoy different GPU vendor features such as PhysX Cuda and Eyefinity all on the same board using two different cards.

MSI intoduce two mid range boards, the P55A FUZION and the 870A FUZION. The first is based on Intel P55 while the later is based on AMD 870 chipset. Both boards highlights the Military Class Components that is Hi-C Cap, Icy Choke and Solid Cap for longevity.

The Hi-C Cap provides 8X longer life than traditional capacitors. Icy Choke has 20 deg celsius lower temperature than traditional Ferrite Choke. The Solid cap gives you 10 year ultra long lifetime than traditional capacitors.

To ensuer top quality and stability. Quality parts are used. All military class components meet temperature requirement of US department of defense MIL-PRF-39003L standard. Some class of components are used on NASA satellites or space shuttles because of the highest quality.

The P55A Fuzion based on Intel P55 solution comes with 2 full length PCIe X16 slots. It supports the Fuzion Technology in N mode/A mode/X mode. it has Front USB 3.0 port. It uses a 8+2 phase DrMOS PWM and extra 6 pin VGA power for maximum stability. Other features include OC Genie, Super Unlock, True PCIe gen 2 x16, USB 3 and SATA 6Gbps ports.

The 870A Fuzion board based on AMD 870 chipset also supports N mode/A mode/X mode and Front USB 3.0. It also has OC Genie, Unlock GPU Core, True PCIe Gen 2 x16, USB 3 and SATA 6Gbps support.

Both boards are already on sale. Mix and Match your same brand of different brand graphics cards and get the best performance out of them,

See detail exhibits below :