MSI announces the world’s most powerful graphics card: Radeon R6990-4PD4GD5 Revolutionary dual-core, 4GB GDDR5 design supports up to display outputs on a single card with AMD Eyefinity technology

[Taipei – Taiwan] Internationally renowned graphics card and mainboard manufacturer MSI is popular with enthusiasts and professional consumers via great graphics performance and our expertise in research and design. After succesfully launching its all-new R6900/R6800 series of graphics cards, MSI today announces its top model AMD Radeon R6990-4PD4GD5 graphics card, equipped with two AMD Radeon HD6900-series graphics processors and the world’s first desktop card with 4GB GDDR5 memory. This places the R6990-4PD4GD5 as the highest performance graphics card in existance today! The R6990-4PD4GD5 supports AMD’s exclusive Eyefinity multi-display technology, with 4 mini DisplayPort 1.2 outputs on it that offers up to a maximum 5 display outputs from a single graphics card. In addition, R6990-4PD4GD5 also supports the legendary graphics card overclocking utility – MSI’s Afterburner. Enthusiasts can adjust clock speeds of GPU and memory, and monitor information like voltage, temperature and usage of memory via Afterburner. Also, power users can measure the stability of overclocked graphic card with the MSI graphics card testing utility Kombustor V2.0. R6990-4PD4GD5 supports the latest DirectX11, OpenGL 4.1 graphical standards, features found on the most demanding performance applications and games.

Number One Performance with Revolutionary 4GB Memory
An advanced 40nm graphics architecture design on the dual-GPU R6990-4PD4GD5 allows superior visual computing power with improved process efficiency, maximizing performance when compared to a single core graphics card. The revolutionary 4GB GDDR5 memory on R6990-4PD4GD5 raises not only the smoothness of high resolution gaming, but also efficiency of multi-display image processing. R6990-4PD4GD5 has powerful specification that exceed the demand hardcore gamers and power users, achieving No. 1 performance on the planet.

AMD Eyefinity multi-display technologyMSI’s R6990-4PD4GD5 supports AMD exclusive Eyefinity multi-display technology, with 4 mini DisplayPort 1.2 outputs that offer a maximum 5 display outputs from a single graphics card. Each output supports display resolution up to 2560×1600, greatly raising the visual real estate available to professional users and game players. Also, DisplayPort 1.2 enables the transmission of Stereoscopic 3D and 7.1 channel sound in the lossless TrueHD and DTS-HD sound formats for the ultimate in audio-visual experience. MSI’s R6990-4PD4GD5 graphics card carries the latest DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.1 graphical standards, allowing users to take advantage for the ultimate gaming experience.
MSI Afterburner overclock utility supported w/ all-new Predator video capture
MSI is entrenched in the hearts of power users after recently releasing the most complete utility for graphics card monitoring and overclocking. The newest Afterburner 2.1.0 release not only supports adjustment of GPU/memory/PLL voltages, advanced fan-speed control, information monitoring, and 5 customized profile setting are also featured. Afterburner 2.1 also introduces the new Predator in-game video capture function, allowing exciting gaming moments to be recorded . Gamers can bask in their glory and share them with the world using online video hosting sites. The popular graphics card testing utility Kombustor V2.0 provides graphics card stability test, and the new KMark mode measures a graphic card’s true performance using several different display effects.

All-Solid Caps for High Stability and PerformanceThe MSI R6990-4PD4GD5 graphics cards implements an all-solid capacitor design. Under high load environments over an extended period of time, the aluminum core can still maintain extremely high stability, reducing the uncertainty due to system instability or hardware component failure. This ensures the optimal user experience under mission-critical performance scenarios!