MyRepublic announced it will partner StarHub to offer mobile services as a MVNO

Today, Starhub announced that MyRepublic will be the first MVNO on it’s stable. MyRepublic has been delaying it’s launch since it’s loss for it’s bid as the 4th telco. In 2016, it also claimed that prices of data is too high and marketed the idea of 2 GB for S$8 / mth.

Will MyRepublic be able to walk the talk and deliver it’s promise although they are now a MVNO and not a MNO.

It is unknown what is their strategy but it seems that they are trying to bundle Broadband services with mobile lines. Who knows they might resell Starhub’s PayTV service in their own triple pay strategy ?

So, will you sign up for a MVNO based riding on Starhub’s network ?

By Harry