MyRepublic Launches Singapore’s First 1Gbps No Contract Plan at SGD 69.99 per mth
12 May 2015, Singapore

The work continues at MyRepublic even as Ookla and Akamai global speed indexes have started to recognise Singapore as one of the world’s fastest broadband countries, on par with South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.

Towards Singapore becoming world’s first and truly 1Gbps-powered, MyRepublic has taken another step as it launches Singapore’s first 1Gbps No Contract plan at a price of $69.99/month — a plan specifically designed for users unable or unwilling to commit to a 12-month or 24-month contract.

While 1Gbps fibre broadband plans have become quite the norm for Singapore broadband, MyRepublic notes that a small but significant demographic maintains a preference for plans without a yearly contract obligation.

Even when No Contract plans are made available by traditional telcos, the tradeoff of greater customer freedom usually comes with disproportionately high subscription costs.

MyRepublic wants to offer Singapore consumers a better choice.

This launch echoes the one made in back in 2013 when the company first launched — when MyRepublic launched Singapore’s first mass market No Contract fibre broadband plan, featuring a speed of 100Mbps and an affordable subscription price of $59/month.


1Gbps No Contract – Features

Monthly subscription fee: $69.99
Service installation charge: $99 ($58 for re-contracting MyRepublic customers)
Termination fee: Free after 3 months, a one-time cancellation fee of $48.15 only applies if customer terminates within the first 3 months
Other perks: $70 router discount
Free Home Voice Standard (with unlimited local calls)
Free 3 Months F-Secure Internet Security

This No Contract 1Gbps promotion is not applicable with other MyRepublic fibre broadband promotions.

Customers on the 1Gbps No Contract plan are also welcome to move to a 1Gbps MyRepublic contract plan should they want to, with a 24-month 1Gbps contract available at $49.99/mth. The move will give the customer one free month’s subscription and no additional service installation fees will be required.


By Harry