Espoo, Finland – Nokia and Telia have completed a successful outdoor trial in the upper 6 GHz spectrum band using Massive MIMO radio technology. The pilot demonstrated macro-grid-ready uplink performance, confirming the readiness for large area capacity growth in next-generation 5G-Advanced and 6G networks.

  • The trial utilized Nokia’s AirScale Habrok platform with a Massive MIMO antenna.
  • The upper 6 GHz range will enhance capacity and coverage at existing macro cell sites.
  • Operators can seamlessly evolve to 5G-Advanced and 6G networks using this technology.

The allocation of the upper 6 GHz spectrum for mobile services, agreed upon at the World Radio Conference 2023, is crucial for markets where the 7.2-8.4 GHz range is unavailable.

During the trial, Nokia used a 128TRX Massive MIMO radio and tested the uplink coverage on the new, higher frequency. Field tests confirmed macro-grid-readiness, enabling massive capacity addition in urban areas with high demand for TDD broadband.

Stefan Jäverbring, Group Chief Technology Officer at Telia, emphasized the sustainability of using existing site grids for deployment, reducing environmental impact compared to building new sites.

Mark Atkinson, Head of RAN at Nokia, highlighted Nokia’s readiness to integrate new spectrum allocations seamlessly into existing networks.”

By Harry