Nokia N900 Maemo 5 Internet Tablet Review

The Nokia N900 is the handset for anyone seeking a bleeding-edge gadget full of potential. If Android has gone too mainstream for you, the N900 will let you ride shotgun on the Maemo bandwagon. You can pick it up for around £470 SIM-free.

Maemo whammo
The N900 uses a new operating system, based on Linux, called Maemo 5. If this were a phone aimed at the average person, that wouldn’t matter much — so long as it works, all’s well. But the N900 isn’t aimed at the average user. In fact, it’s not even really a phone. It’s a little computer — an Internet tablet, if you will. Sure, it lets you make phone calls, but not that easily. The N900 is all about Web surfing, multitasking and installing applications. If that sounds like good times to you, it’s a slick, exciting device that will get you in early with a new operating system that promises to be full of fun.

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