A few years ago, we reviewed the YouTrip prepaid MasterCard. It is a card which needs you to top up before you can tap at terminals or use it for online shopping that accepts Master Contactless.

Now there seems to be another good idea to top up your card with your NS55 $100 credits. With this your full S$100 will be top up into the card and there is no 20 cents convenience fee (if you use it to convert to cash at Sheng Siong $TM).

WIth YouTrip, you can spend the cash online or offline in SGD or auto converted at near spot rates (currency converion rate) when you spend it overseas (in other currencies).

Here is how to do it :

Step 1 : Launch YouTrip App.

Click Top Up

Step 2 :

Key In the amount. In this case 100.00

Click Generate QR Code

Step 3 :

Generated QR Code

Step 4 :

You can choose to Save the QR code to be scanned by the Life SG app.

Step 5 : Scan the QR code with your LIFE SG app just like how you could make payment. In this case, you are making payment to your YouTrip account.

You can now spend the $100 with your YouTrip card.

By Harry