NVIDIA RTX 4090 graphics card soar to nearly S$4,000 per piece. The pricing on US Amazon is around USD 2000.

The main reasons for what’s happening are the tech restrictions the U.S. put on China and the less powerful graphics card Nvidia offers as an option.

It seems like small business owners in Asia are buying up a lot of the GeForce RTX 4090 cards and selling them to Chinese buyers who are affected by the sanctions. Stores thought they could stop this by only selling the cards with expensive computer systems, but people still really want the RTX 4090. They think they can still make good money from it.

Reports say that countries like Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, and others are all seeing more interest in the RTX 4090, and prices are going up in places where people are willing to sell to Chinese buyers despite the sanctions, sometimes by as much as 60%.

Will the US Government ban exports of such graphics card to these neighbouring Asia countries ?

By Harry