Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra users have reported a problem with thin green lines appearing vertically on their phone screens, sometimes accompanied by a horizontal white line. This issue occurs during activities like watching YouTube and even on the boot screen. Despite acknowledging it as a manufacturing defect, Samsung has refused to exchange the affected devices for new ones, insisting users return and repurchase them, causing the loss of pre-order discounts.

Users who purchased carrier-locked phones find themselves in a dilemma, with Samsung directing them to their carriers for resolution. However, there’s confusion about responsibility, as Samsung’s warranty should cover such defects. Similar experiences have been shared on Reddit, with users facing resistance from Samsung and carriers like Verizon.

Affected users risk losing pre-order discounts and facing additional charges if they return and repurchase devices. The problem seems to affect US carrier-sold units primarily, with unlocked devices potentially unaffected. As the issue persists, affected users are advised to clarify terms before proceeding with returns or replacements.

Source : PhoneArena