(Seoul, 5th) Yonhap News Agency quoted the British data crowdsourcing company OpenSignal on the 4th. A survey conducted among 25 countries and regions in the Asia-Pacific from October 1st to December 29th last year showed that South Korea leads the 5G download speed test at 436.7 Mbps. Closely behind is Malaysia and Singapore.

In a survey of 5G average download speeds among 15 countries and regions in Asia-Pacific, South Korea ranked first with 436.7Mbps. Malaysia is followed by Singapore (292.9Mbps), India (280.7Mbps), New Zealand (259.6Mbps) and Taiwan (211.7Mbps).

While OpenSignal conducted the tests through users that install the OpenSignal app, nothing is mentioned about the bandwidth allocation in the countries. For example, Malaysia allocates more bandwidth on n78 band that is shared by all telcos whereas in Singapore, the bandwidth is allocated per telco operator of 100 MHz each to Singtel and M1/Starhub consortium.

In addition, the phone used in the tests can make a difference in the speeds too. Are they tested based on 5G SA or NSA ? Why aren’t the latency considered as part of the tests?

OpenSignal stated that mobile communication speeds have improved significantly in most markets around the world, due to the popularity of 5G and the increase in frequency band utilization. However, the improvement in some areas is not significant, so the network experience gap between different countries is wider than in 2022.

When comparing the 2022 survey, South Korea (125.3Mbps), Singapore (71.1Mbps), Australia (58.5Mbps), Taiwan (55.7Mbps), and India (51.5Mbps) ranked first to fifth.

By Harry