Maxis is one of the major telcos in Malaysia. Although they have yet to launch their own 5G network, their Prepaid card – Hotlink is able to data roam in 5G in various countries. A check on their site reveals that Maxis can access 5G roaming in Singapore, South Korea and Thailand. Charges are RM 10/day for Singapore and Thailand while it charges RM 38 / day for South Korea.

One of our readers J Yong, let us repost his screen shot below. Apparently, he was holding the Maxis Prepaid Sim and topped up to extend the validity. Instead of subscribing to Gomo 5G to test, he decided to do a speedtest in Singapore (Jurong area). He used the Samsung S20 FE

Here is the result : 740 Mbps down and 69.5 Mbps up. As the phone is not provisioned to work with 5G SA on Singtel. It is more or less confirmed it is on 5G NSA network.

According to him, it uses b7 20mhz + n78 100mhz + b3 20mhz + b1 20mhz + b8 5mhz to achieve this speed.

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Credits : J Yong
Roaming charges on Singapore
Roaming charges in Thailand
Roaming charges in South Korea

By Harry