If you have been following our site, we have mentioned before Gomo Thailand already had 5G enabeld for their plans some time ago. At the mean time, Singapore’s GOMO is still reluctant to enable the VoLTE and 5G option for subscribers.

On 5 Aug 2022, Gomo Singapore finally launched it’s 5G plan for GOMO the sub brand of Singtel.

We managed to get hold of a GOMO SIM and tested it out over the weekend. As it was a ported line, it took almost 2 days before it was activated upon receiving the SIM card. The porting was successful and the line was working at 2 am pass midnight.

This is how the SIM looks like. Instead of the red coloured SIM card, it is now blue in colour. Although the SIM looks different as it comes in a smaller package which is slightly larger than the MicroSD adapter, the SIM card is effectively a 4G SIM card.

Gomo has clearly stated on it’s website that Gomo 5G operates on Singtel’s 5G Non Standalone network (NSA). Basically what that means, subscribers who have older generation of 5G phones will most likely be able to tap onto the 5G network.

The 5G NSA network which is based on n78 band also gets a speed boost with carrier aggregation of existing 4G bands. Not only you have lower ping time at around 10ms, you also get better speeds that could be 10X faster than existing 4G+ speeds.

In our tests, most places we are able to achieve an average of 600 Mbps. Our highest record is 840 Mbps. To date, we have seen screen shots over the web scoring around 1 Gbps for download and 40 Mbps for upload.

Network Cell Info screen shot

There are also others that attained higher speeds of 1.6 Gbps, the test was done with a Singtel 5G SIM on a iPhone 13 Pro operating on 5G NSA network. It was tested at Bedok Interchange.

We are not sure if Gomo caps the download and upload limit on the 5G NSA network for GOMO Postpaid.

As for Singtel prepaid, the 5G NSA network access is capped at 500 Mbps and upload of 50 Mbps.

GOMO 5G NSA tested on iPhone 13 Pro
Screen shot from https://www.facebook.com/groups/469783120148695

If you are using Singtel or Gomo 5G, we would like to hear from your experiences in terms of speed, compatibility, problems faced etc

Post your comments below.

By Harry