Three months ago, Singtel launched it’s own brand Gomo SIM ONLY plan. Although it offers a hefty data bundle for S$20/mth but the plan came crippled with no data roaming.

Starhub’s giga! came into the spotlight 2 weeks ago with it’s better data bundle of 25GB and 1000 call minutes and 1000 SMS. It also comes with data roaming service, giving you 1 GB for $5 for 5 days in 14 selected countries.

M1, also launched a revamped SIM only plan with 30 GB at S$25/mth and has 1000 call mins and SMS. As it is a mature network operator, the plan supports voice and data roaming. With Data passport for S$10/mth, it offers you up to 10 GB of your local data to be used overseas.

So, will Gomo be able to take on giga! and M1’s data roaming plan in terms of pricing and availability ?

Source : Facebook

By Harry