Today marks the official launch of Starhub’s sub brand telco giga!.
The event was held at JustCo at Marina Square. It was attended by the media and superusers.

giga!, was a startup project 6 months ago and it has been gaining foothold in the saturated market place with 4 MNOs, 6 MVNO with competing price plans.

The manificent 7 of the #giga team

The team of 4 started from ground up with their own family, friends and super users helping to test and refine the design of the app. Today, it has reached version 7 with more features added in.

Signing up with a telco in the past can be very frustrating. With giga!, there are no more long queues or phone calls to sales lines which nobody answers. Everything can be done through the app from registration, port-in and tracking the delivery.

While some telco takes up to 2 or 3 days to deliver the SIM, giga! courier delivers it the next day. (We signed up on a weekend and it was delivered the next day on Vesak Day).

If you have questions about the services offered, you can chat online with the AI Bot (Gino) or a live agent. Yes, you wouldn’t be chatting to some support centre based elsewhere (try it with Singlish).

While most telco plans averages around 20 GB of data for S$20, giga! is quite generous with it’s offering. It includes 25 GB of local data. The good news is that up to 25GB of unused data from your giga plan will be rolled over for another 2 renewal cycles. This is something new and is welcomed by consumers. There are also 1000 mins, 1000 SMS, free caller ID, free incoming calls and SMS.

For data roaming, it allows you to roam in 14 countries (mostly Asia) for 1 GB at S$5 for 5 days. If 1 GB is not enough, you can apply for more data and the expiry date will be extended. You can stack up to 5 in one go. The data roam will activate when you reach your travel destination. While this is welcomed, other competitors offer full roaming experience including voice roaming and more countries to choose from. I am sure giga! is working on this as it lacks voice roaming and not option to data roam in other European countries yet.

We asked giga! it they will up it’s deal as MNO M1 offered something similar but with 30 GB of data. giga! wants to concentrate on their branding and services at the moment.

Currently, new or port in subscribers are given 1 month to try out giga! for free. Users can download the app from Apple or Google store and apply through the app. *

We have tested the giga! SIM ONLY plan last week. You can read about our findings here.

*It requires Android 7 and above to work.

By Harry