Review of Giga! SIM ONLY Plan

Yesterday, we reported the latest SIM ONLY plan launched by Starhub. This morning, the net is set abuzz with netizens receiving their SIM cards on schedule.

For those of you who have missed the announcement, you can read it here

It looks like the courier company is set to overdrive, deliverying even on a Sunday and tomorrow, a public holiday.

Some of our readers who have applied set time off to test out their new shiny SIM card this morning and afternoon. The package is simple enough which looks like this

Making calls over giga! drops from 4G to 3G, thus VoLTE is confirmed not supported on this new network. It is unclear if Starhub’s HD voice is supported though.

Speedtest varies from 40 Mbps to 120 Mbps (depending on location). The same goes for Netflix speed test and speedcheck app.

Update 22/5/2019 : The 2 GB limit bug is resolved.

Update 21/5/2019 : It seems that speedtest and all other test like and speedcheck drops to approximately 1.5 Mbps after the first 2 GB of the day is consumed. This is not conclusive but at the moment we think that the speed is lowered for fair usage (perhaps an unwritten one).

Hopefully we are wrong and it is a misconfuration of the network.

Some users who own both Starhub and a Giga! SIM found that Giga! seems to be throttled heavily. A Starhub 4G can easily achieve 60 Mbps to 70 Mbps on Netflix test. The speed is worse than a 3G Network can offer (probably after first 2 GB of the day is consumed).

If you recall, some of the MVNOs e.g. Zero1, MyRepublic they do give you decent high 4G+ speeds but once you exceed the allocation, it will drop below 1 Mbps.

As this is a pretty new setup, I think it is fair to give it some time to iron out issues. We will continue to monitor and check for further updates.

By Harry