HK news media is reporting that many Huawei customers were fuming mad at Mong Kok Huawei service centre. They were greeted by a rude shock when they woke up with a ‘dead’ smartphone.

According to the news report from Appledaily, the problem seems to arise from an auto update of the firmware overnight. It seems that not only does it affect the popular Mate 9 and Mate 10 phones, some other models were also reported to be having the same boot issues.

It seems the way to recover from the flaw is to do a fresh installation with a the data wiped out.

So far, no reports are filed in other regions. In order to prevent auto update, you can turn on, you can disable it in the settings. Here is a screen shot of from Nova 3i where the options can be switched off.

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Are you in a Huawei user in Hong Kong, are you affected by this firmware update?

By Harry