Samsung Mobile has posted on their facebook fan page to alert users not to flash update the latest firmware on their Samsung SIII.

“Dear fans, the recent software update for GALAXY S III, Jelly Bean 4.1.2 (XXELLC), that some of you might have received was not meant for released in the Singapore market. We do offer our sincere apologies for inconvenience caused. We will keep our fans updated when the software is ready.”

Those who have flashed are experiencing issues with their phones. One user Vincent woo posted a note claiming that after the jelly bean update, it takes me more than 9 hours to charge from 10% to full, even when I wake up after charging overnight, it is not full battery.

Some users claim that it is a good firmware to keep as it fixes the “sudden death” issue. There were also complains about the availability of the firmware on time while some couldn’t get it updated using KIES, the updating software that accompanies the smartphone.

Are you facing strange issues with this new firmware. Comment below.


2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XXELLC causes battery charging issues”
  1. Sometimes I cannot understand how the hell giants like Samsung allow to release buggy versions of OS and put in danger client’s devices.

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