While testing Starhub’s latest subbrand ‘giga’, it is to my surprise that Starhub actually pushed a profile update ‘starhub_sg-10000000397.1’ to the Pixel 3 XL smartphone.

The most interesting option is the Enhanced 4G LTE Mode finally appears on the phone.

This option is the legendary VoLTE option that should make voice calls sound clearer and connect faster.

Although we enabled it, we noticed that the calls are still being put through in 3G mode. This option appears with Starhub’s other MVNOs. When we replace it with a TPG or M1 SIM, the option disappears.

I suppose this is experimental as we are running on Android Q beta 3. This option didn’t appear on the original Android P on another Pixel 3a we have on hand.

We think it is only a matter of time VoLTE support will be enabled for all Pixel devices in Singapore.

By Harry