It has been a long wait since it’s launch. Finally, Giga, a sub telco of Starhub has enabled VoLTE for it’s subscribers.

With VoLTE enabled, calls will no longer need to fall back to 3G and reconnect to 4G when the hall is done.

With VoLTE capable phones, subscribers will also get crystal clear conversation, faster connecting calls. Most importantly, you can also surf the net while having a conversation with the other party. RedONE the MVNO on Starhub has no VoLTE support yet

** Update 1 Currently, Giga’s volte supports only limited handsets and will be updated to support other handsets. Phone that works include most of the Xiaomi, Redmi phones. Oppo Find X3 Pro and Reno 4 Pro are listed in their official FAQ. It has been reported that it also works on iPhone 12. It doesn’t seem to work on Samsung S20 FE yet. We are not sure if it works on other Samsung models.

** Update 2 : VoWIFI is reported to be working.

Singtel’s MVNOs are the only one left to enable VoLTE. It is only a matter of time all MVNOs enable VoLTE as telcos move ahead to 5G and refarming 3G.

By Harry