The Singapore telco space is getting very crowded. Currently, we already have 4 x MNO, 2 x sub, 6 x MVNO. There are two other MVNOs which are scheduled to be launched in the next 2 quarters.

Today, we received an email regarding a launch of a new telco. This is quite a surprise for us as we never expected that there will be another telco in this crowded space.

Bright yellow text on an orange background, it writes “Look out for the NEWEST TELCO in town that PAYS YOU to LIVE LARGE-R” and it seems to be launched on 27 Jun 2019.

Something caught my eyes with it’s tagline “PAYS YOU TO LIVE LARGE-R”. Does this company intend to pay you to surf using their network ? Freebie for 1 month again ?

Is the logo is ‘g’ the brand of this telco ? We suspect it should be a MVNO or a sub brand.

Singtel has Gomo, Starhub has Giga, so judging from the colour scheme, could it be a sub brand from M1 with the letter g ?

It can’t be TPG as TPG uses capital G and not a small g. TPG also uses a purple colour scheme.

It is also unlikely that it is OYA or ICYMI as they don’t seem to be ready to launch their MVNOs in June 2019.

We check with the PR agency but they are lip tight about the ‘telco’. I think everything will be clearer on 27 Jun 2019. Stay tuned to


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[Update 20/6/2019 8:10pm]: After searching and speaking to people from the industry, we are more or less confirmed that it is a MVNO under the brand “grid mobile“. If you are familiar with Public Trunked services, those PTT (push to talk) – Grid Network, we believe they are reusing the assigned mobile numbers and become a MVNO under Singtel.

Will it launch another $8/mth plan to counter RedONE ? Will there be 4G+, data roam, voice roam, 1000 minutes remains to be seen. Everything will be clear on the 27th June 2019.

They may use this set of numbers which was assigned to Grid.

8140 xxxx
8773 xxxx
8840 xxxx – 8841 xxxx
9080 xxxx
9717 xxxx – 9719 xxxx