We received this picture from a reader. This picture was posted in a telco group. On the picture are the words “5peed is coming sooner than you think”. It seems that Circles.Life is ready to launch it anytime now.

This wouldn’t be a surprise sincethat M1 has already launched their 5G SA service covering 50% of the island. Circles.Life MVNO runs on M1 infrastructure.

Would Circles.Life be calling it this it’s premium programme the Circles.Black ? Will Circles.Life users need to swap their SIM cards. Will it first support 5G NSA followed by the SA network ?

At the moment, another MVNO Gorilla Mobile can connect to M1’s 5G NSA network with the supported devices.

May be an image of text that says "5peed is coming sooner than you think."

In another rumour we heard, Gomo technical support people has been dropping hints that Gomo, a sub brand of Singtel will be 5G enabled in the ‘near’ future.

As for Starhub’s sub brand Giga, some readers have indicated they were able to get 5G symbol showing up but the speeds are 4G+ speeds. We have tested a Giga card on Mi 10T Pro and Samsung S21 Ultra 5G in town area but we did not manage to see another 5G connections at all.

If you hear any news or you are running in 5G NSA or SA mode on MVNOs, do contact us by commenting below.

By Harry