Ever since the introduction of the 4th telco TPG, MVNOs have been throwing out better data bundles, roaming etc to maintain and grow market share. 2 days ago, we reported about a new MVNO Grid mobile.

Circles.Life probably felt the heat jumping off to M1, Starhub and Giga! is now offering a special coupon code which is sent to former customers of Circles.Life.

The basic plan is $18 / mth and it comes with 20 GB of data. Circles.Life is throwing in free 12 months of 20 GB data + throttled at lower speed. That is to say, you pay S$18 / mth for 40 GB of data for the next 12 months. For a better experience, you might want to add $2/mth for free incoming calls as 100 minutes may not be enough for some people.

Update [22/6/2019 4.30pm] : We have receive a request from Circles.Life to remove the coupon code from this article. We tested the code and it is no longer working.

Circles.Life should seriously considering offering it to all customers and not to selected customers. Furhermore, this plan seems to be cheaper than the coporate plans.

How will other MVNOs fight back with the impending launching of yet another MVNO gridmobile ? How about another $8 plan with unlimited low speed data for a start ?

CODE : SUPER38 still works but there is no unlimited data add on for free.

By Harry