Qoo10 retails the cheapest prepaid card at S$10

AIRSIM is a travel data SIM card that can be used in more than 100 countries outside of Singapore. Using Over-the-AIR (OTA) and Soft SIM technologies, our system will transform AIRSIM  into a local SIM of destination based on the data packages purchased. The process will take only about 3 minutes. No more paying expensive data roaming charges and spending time to buy local SIM card when travelling. 

AIRSIM is reusable, just purchase the suitable data plan before traveling to your next destination by using AIRSIM APP or web, you can enjoy immediate mobile data service upon your arrival at different destinations using the same SIM card.

Price : S$10

One of our reader tested it when he visited Malaysia with the AIRSIM roaming. It costs him only S$6 for 3 days. He is quite please with the performance of the data. The roaming partner is Maxis.

Using Speedtest.net, the 4G is able to achieve around 30Mbps for the first 500MB per day. When daily usage exceeds 500MB the data access speed will be restricted at 256kbps.

Signal test. It runs in LTE+ mode at -94 dBs which is within good signal region

Top up credits and reuse the SIM the next time in another country.

By Harry