Sample Pictures taken with OnePlus 6


Sample pictures taken using the OnePlus 6



Qoo10 SG S$868 

Lazada SG S$868

Amazon USA USD 597.72

Picture above : Bokeh effect

Auto mode indoors. The details on the wall and ceiling are preserved and can be clearly seen.

Natural looking colours. WYSIWYG.

Evening shot of footpath with street lamps lit.

Evening shot at Chinese Garden, Singapore. The sunset looks natural and not over exaggerated by other phones AI features.

Salmon Mentai Don

A shot of the cakes on display through the showcase. It is colourful but the contrast seems a bit lacking.

A night shot at a building. The 321 Clementi can be clearly seen but the sky has a bit of noise but that could be due to the lamp lighting.

There are more photos posted by users of OnePlus 6 in our FB group.

By Harry