Normal vs Night mode vs GCAM normal vs Night Sight

Being a Snapdragon 845 opens up the device to many 3rd party mod apps which makes improvements to default app. One such app is the Camera App GCAM which comes preinstalled with the Google Pixel series of smartphones. The GCAM is well known for it’s computational photography and improve many pictures with it’s algorithms.

Here are some samples of images taken using the original camera app vs night followed by the modded gcam vs it’s night light mode.

In the above picture, the night mode did brighten up the environment by a bit as we can see the shades of the tree and the skyline.

In contrast, the modded GCAM performs equally well as compared to the original camera app but brings out  more details in night sight mode.

The second of pictures uses the same setup as the first set. First we took the original photo with the original camera app. Both apps gave similar results. When night mode was used, the OnePlus 6T original cam brightens up the background more than the GCAM.

As for almost darkness, there is room for improvement for the OnePlus 6T camera app as it is unable to capture the details of the object. The GCAM did a better job.

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