Camera Shots

With Reno 7 Pro 5G, you can now take potraits on both front and back camera with adjustable aperture from f/0.95-f/16. You will be able to shoot DSLR like shots with protrait subject pop out against multiple kinds of background to get your perfect bokeh effect.

Reno 7 Pro 5G also introduced an improved Bokeh Flare Potrait for photos and video on both front and back camera. The new Bokeh Flare Potrait video enhances skin tones especially in Dark or Night environments.

AI Highlight Video, OPPO’s ultra night video algorithm will automtially increase brightness and restore real colours based on light conditions detected. AI Highligh Video’s Live HDR algorithm kicks in when bright backgrounds are detected and automatically applies DOL HDR processing.

Here are some day shot with digital zoom of up to 20X and night shot with night mode enabled. Digital zoom above 10X is fuzzy. Night shot is pretty decent even dark indoors. In fact, it can even use the night mode to shoot stars without a tripod.