Pixel 8 Pro Owners, Brace Yourselves: Video Boost is Here (and It’s Worth the Wait)

Hold onto your hats, Pixel 8 Pro enthusiasts, because Google just dropped a game-changer! Video Boost is here, and it’s ready to take your mobile videography to the next level. But before you start hitting record, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of this exciting new feature.

Heads up: Video Boost is still in its early stages, so it might not be available to all Pixel 8 Pro users just yet. Plus, it needs a little internet magic to work its wonders (cloud processing, baby!). And don’t expect instant gratification – processing the “RAW-ish” footage takes some time, so be patient!

So, what’s the big deal about Video Boost?

  • Say goodbye to shaky cam: This bad boy smoothens out your video like silk, making even the most hand-held shots look gimbal-worthy. Panning and filming are no longer a jittery mess – hello, cinematic vibes!
  • Night vision on steroids: Dimly lit scenes? No problem. Video Boost brings out hidden details in the shadows, making your low-light footage pop with clarity and richness. Think moonlight strolls and cozy fireside chats – all captured in stunning detail.

Now, for the practicalities:

  • HD or 4K, 30 fps: For now, Video Boost lets you record in glorious HD or 4K, but at 30 frames per second, normal or 10 bit HDR, Standard stablisation and only on the main camera.
  • Manual activation: This isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it deal. You need to turn on Video Boost before you start filming – it doesn’t work retroactively. Think of it as your pre-filming superpower activation.
  • Brightness boost: Be warned, your boosted videos might appear a tad brighter than usual on your Pixel 8 Pro screen, similar to an HDR effect. But on other screens like PCs or YouTube, it’ll be a subtle difference, mostly focusing on that buttery smoothness.
  • Time taken to process : It takes about an hour or two to process a 30 second footage. It is strange why such processing can’t be done on the phone’s processor instead.
  • Footage size : It is a bit strange that once the filimed footage (4K) is sent for Video Boost, a copy is saved as a HD 30 fps footage while the boosted footage returned is in 4K.

Pixel 8 Pro in hand? Video Boost waiting? What are you waiting for? Go out there, capture those memories, and experience the magic of boosted video. Remember, it’s still evolving, but the future of mobile videography is looking brighter (and smoother) than ever. Now, go forth and boost!

By Harry