Preview of the Gigabyte Z77X-UP5TH Thunderbolt Intel Z77 motherboard
24 Jul 2012

Everyone that reads technology website knows that Thunderbolt is not something new. It has been on the Apple platform for a year or more. Intel Z77 chipset was announced 2 months ago but it just didn’t include the Thunderbolt support within it’s chipset. Instead it has a seperate INTEL DSL3510L chip to power the Thunderbolt ports on board (at the rear of the motherboard).

So what is so special about Thunderbolt that everyone is talking about it ? Well, this new connectivity is not just a replacement for USB 3.0, but it is a universal peripheral link.  With it , you can connect up to 12 devices plus 3 digital displays simultaneously, with breathtaking data transfer speeds that can transfer 1TB of data in only five minutes, GIGABYTE Thunderbolt™ motherboards offer the fastest connection interface ever on the desktop PC.

Daisy Chain Technology – Up to 12 devices + 2 Display monitors

Compatibility may vary according to system configuration and device specifications.
Requirement of 3 monitors output : Thunderbolt or display monitors plus 1 RGB or HDMI monitor

GIGABYTE Thunderbolt™ motherboards allow users to daisy chain up to 12 devices simultaneously via an incredible bi-directional 10Gbps data pipeline that includes both PCIe and DisplayPort traffic. GIGABYTE Thunderbolt™ motherboards redefine desktop PC connectivity to make it far easier to connect multiple high speed storage devices and HD displays to your PC than ever before.

Performance may vary according to system configuration and device specifications.

Dual Thunderbolt™ – Fast, Flexible and Simple Connectivity for your Motherboard

GIGABYTE Thunderbolt™ motherboards are the first to be certified by Intel featuring dual Thunderbolt™ ports directly on the motherboard back panel I/O, with each Thunderbolt™ port supporting a maximum data transfer speeds with simultaneous bi-directional data transfer at speeds of up to 10Gbps – this means you can transfer a full HD 1080p movie in under 30 seconds.

GIGABYTE’s dual port Thunderbolt™ implementation ensures the absolute maximum potential connectivity, with support to connect up to 12 individual devices simultaneously, with each port offering full 10Gbps bandwidth.
Although Thunderbolt is the main selling point of this board, there are some other features that are equally amazing and are already found on the Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H. On the next page, we take a look at the package followed by detail picture of the mainboard.


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  1. if the price of TB is high, it will be beaten by USB 3.0

    just like firewire vs USB 2.0

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