Remember the old RealPlayer that you use to playback the RMVB files. RealPlayer has now been updated and renamed as RealPlayer Cloud.

RealPlayer Cloud delivers a seamless experience for watching and sharing videos on smartphones, tablets, computers, and TV.
Upload your videos to RealPlayer Cloud and watch them on your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android, Roku, and on popular web browsers.

RealPlayer Cloud enables you to move, watch and share your videos with confidence. When you share videos with friends and family they’ll be able to play it on any device or operating system, without downloading the RealPlayer Cloud app. No more worrying about formatting or converting videos, or carrying HDMI and USB cables to connect devices to each other to watch videos. It just works.

Upload videos of any format and any length to the cloud and it is automatically adjusted for your device screen-size, bandwidth, and device type prior to playback. RealPlayer Cloud supports all popular formats like FLV, WMV, MKV, DIVX, XVID, MOV, AVI, and MP4. Once videos are in the RealPlayer Cloud you can share them privately with friends and family. If you’re devices are using the same Wi-Fi network you can use RealPlayer Cloud to easily download videos to one device from the other.

RealPlayer Cloud is powered by SurePlayTM, a new technology developed by RealNetworks that ensures videos will play correctly on the device used for viewing. Typically iPads, iPhones, Roku’s, Android phones and tablets only have the ability to play limited video formats. For example, if you move a mkv file to an iPad and expect it to just play, well, it won’t. Additionally, SurePlayTM ensures that videos are right-sized for the device’s screen and the network bandwidth available enabling instant and smooth playback on all your devices at any given time regardless of video format.

Use the RealPlayer Cloud mobile app to move, share, and instantly watch videos on smartphones and tablets. Get 2GB of space when you signup – free!

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By Harry