The Gigabyte AX370-Gaming 5 motherboard BIOS is very easy to configure. Basically, it consists of 7 sections where you can adjust the individual settings to the optimum.

As the motherboard doesn’t come with an external Clock Generator, there is no way you can adjust the BCLK. Thus the BCLK in this case is close to 100MHz. We did notice that the BCLK actually suddenly spikes up to 104MHz and returns to 99.xx for a short period of time. It is said that would not skew the overall performance.

One concern from readers is whether they can use their old Corsair memory with XMP profiles on the AMD board. The good news is that XMP Profile for the modules I hold works correctly when I chose to run it using XMP Profile #1 which is at DDR4-2933 CAS 15.  The benchmarks were all done with XMP Profile #1.

We experimented the DDR4 settings and found that it did not seem to BOOT when the RAM is set to DDR4-2667. We found out that some of the DDR4 parameters to be set too tight for the memory module to work. Manually adjusting the Trp, Trcd lower did help to get it run at DDR4-2667.



By Harry