AMD Ryzen Master with creator and gaming mode

AMD Ryzen Master

AMD Ryzen Master shows the 32 cores which you can manually adjust the clock individually or all cores at the same time. By default, the cores are runing in non-legacy mode. If you enable legacy mode by selecting 1/2 (16 cores) or 1/4 (8 cores), these modes works better for some of the applications that don’t really take advantage of multi cores (> 4). It is interesting to observe that certain benchmarks performs better in legacy mode.

There is also a Creator Mode and a Game mode which basically gives you a quick press and go solution. Creator mode enables all cores and control mode is set to AUTO.

Game mode only enables 8 cores and Precision Boost Overdrive is enabled that somewhat “overclocks” the cores automatically. Precision Boost Overdrive auto boost the performance through parameters :

SoC Power (“PPT Limit”): measured in watts, the amount of power the CPU can draw before boost levels off
VRM Current (“TDC Limit”): measured in amps, the amount of current we let the motherboard deliver to the CPU before boost levels off
Temp (°C): measured in degrees Celsius, the temperature the CPU can reach before boost levels off