SiSoft Sandra 2012 Benchmarks

In SiSoft Sandra 2012, we ran the tests on memory, arithemetic, multimedia and media transcoding. We test the results against two other boards, the ASUS and BIOSTAR boards based on Z77. Do take note that all three boards are running silghtly different ram timings as detected by XMP profiles #1 or #2. For the ASRock Fatal1ty Z77 Professional-M, we are unable to run it at DDR3-2400 with the XMP profiles specified. In fact, we tried lowering the timings etc but it just couldn’t get stable at DDR-2400.

We also included the results when we overclocked the internal graphics core to 1.5GHz and processor to 4.4GHz.

Below are the benchmarks :

In memory benchmarks, we can see that the memory scores of the ASRock Z77 seems to fall slightly behind the BIOSTAR and ASUS boards. This is expected as the ram timings are not as tight as the BIOSTAR. As the ASUS is running at DDR3-2400 XMP, it gives a higher bandwidth at 27.14MB/s.

In terms of Processor Arithmetic, the CPU processing capability of the processor is put to the test. ASRock managed to squeeze out a 77.65 GOPS. When it is overclocked to 4.4GHz and iGPU to 1.5GHz, it runs up to 95.17 GOPs, a 22% gain.

In processor multimedia, the scores are 193.62 Mpixel/s slightly higher than the BIOSTAR but still runs behind the ASUS board. When overclocked, we can see it perfoming at 237.56 Mpixel/s, a 22.6% improvement.

In media transcoding, we can see that the ASRock performs slightly above the BIOSTAR at 6480, and when overclocked, it goes up to 6780. Not being able to do DDR3-2400 is really a pity as we can see that the ASUS leads by a score of 7.1MB/s


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