SiSoft Sandra

We will compare the performance difference of the Intel Core i7-4770K vs the Intel Core i7-4790K on the same motherboard. From our test results, we can see that the performance of the memory controller on both processors didn’t differ much and they score almost identical by just less than 0.1 GB/S   memory copy   With a higher clock speed processor, it should translate to better arithmetic performance. Apparently, there difference is more apparent when we overclock it to 4.7GHz giving it a 9% gain over the default speed. arithmetic copy   In multimedia, the performance gets a boost from 253.28 to 288.7 Mpixel/s , a near 14% gain in speed when we overclock the Core i7-4790K. multimedia copy Likewise, media transcoding gets a boost from 4.8 MB/s to 5MB/s transcode copy

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By Harry