Video Review


The Package

There are two modules in the package, the first is the DJI Action 2 which features a 56 grams, f/1.7 sensor with superwide 155 degree FOV with EIS that can record up to 4K/120fps.

The other module is a a front touch screen module which also serves as the add on battery plus microSD card slot for memory expansion.

You will also get a magnetic adapter mount, a magnetic ball joint adaptor mount, a USB power cable and a magnetic lanyard for wearing the DJI action 2 at the front of the chest.

You can mount the DJI action 2 on to a small tripod using the magnetic ball joint adaptor. This makes it easy for you to take vlogs. Of course, if you prefer to choose mount it near your chest, the chances are you end up with a shaky video even if you choose to record in horizon balance mode.

User Interface

After powering up the DJI Action 2, you will see the main interface, on the top right is the battery indicator, top left is the amount of record time left, on the left is the play back button of the clips. On the bottom left corner is where you set the different record modes. On the bottom right is the zoom factor. On the right, you can choose the exposure, white balance and colour mode.

Click the left bottom button to select the resolution and frame rate to record your video. On the top right, you can choose 4 modes – off, Steady, Rocksteady,Horizon Balancing and HorizonSteady (only for 2.7K/16:9).

You can also turn on Pro mode, change the brightness, check the storage etc.

By Harry