Tips and Tricks


Tips and Tricks

Before you choose to start recording, there are a few settings that needs to be set. If you use it out of the box, you will probbaly face heat issues or the Action 2 shuts down.

Firstly, you need to go to settgsin and change the auto stop record temperature threshold to HIGH.

Secondly, run the Horizon Calibration It will take a while to calibrate.

Thirdly, to reduce heat, set the video compression mode to H.264. By default, it is set to HEVC which does more computing but conserve more space for recording longre videos. I choose the later to use H.264 as it is a more compatible codec on most video editing platforms.

If you like, you can turn on Voice control so that you can ask DJIA action 2 to start recording by giving voice command.

Other than video mode, you can take static photos, quick clip, slow motion and time lapse.

You can manually set the EV, exposure and ISO settings in Manual mode. D-Cine is available for taking videos in low light environment after which you can colour grade the video.

Anyway, all these settings are also accessible through the DJI MIMO App.