Virtu MVP test – 3DMark Vantage and 3DMark11

In the test, we pair up the board with a HIS RADEON 7970 (catalyst 12.8) graphics card and compare it with a similarly configured Intel Z77 system running the Core i5-3570K processor. The benchmarks are run at 1920×1080 unless specified.   Firstly, 3DMark Vantage in H mode (1680×1050).

From the benchmarks, we can see that in 3DMark Vantage, the scores aren’t that favourable for the AMD platform. The determining factor was the CPU Score that is used to compute the final score. As the DVD-Rom of both Biostar HiFi A85X and Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 provides different versions of the Virtu driver, the results may be skewed.

From the chart, it can be seen that AMD FM2 isn’t a match to the Intel Z77 in this test. Comparing both FM2 boards, the BIOSTAR HiFi A85X seems to rnu slightly faster on default but slower during Hyperformance mode. When H mode and VSync mode are both turned on, the marks dropped to 17944.


In 3Dmark11 at 1920×1080, the scores narrowed. With the Radeon 7970, we are able to get 2685 versus 2747 on the Core i5-3570K. When the scores HyperFormance and HyperFormance+VSync turned on, the result is just less than 2%.

Compared to the Biostar HiFi A85X, the scores are comparable with Gigabyte leading by 20 points in Hyperformance mode. When VSync is applied, the score dropped. This isn’t the case on the Biostar HiFi A85X board. We suspect this inconsistency is due to the different virtu drivers used.

This score is quite remarkable if you were to compare the cost/performance ratio.