ASUS launches 4 socket fm2 boards F2A85 series motherboards. There are one matx and one full atx board.

The 4 boards are F2A85-V Pro, F2A85-M Pro, F2A85-M and F2A85-M LE.

All 4 boards supports the new socket Trinity FM2 processors. Chipset on board is the new AMD A85X FCH (Hudson D4).

For RAM support, other than the F2A85-M LE, the 3 other boards support 4 DIMM slots of up to DDR3-2400 (OC). AMD official spec for the FM2 is DDR3-1866. The F2A85-M LE supports only 2 DIMM Slots.

The F2A85-V Pro supports 3 single @16 or dula @ x8/x8 and 1 PCIe x4. The F2A85-M Pro supports 2 PCIe slots supports single 16x or dual 8x. The F2A85-M and F2A85-M LE supports 2 slots in either single x16 or dual @ x16/x4.

Graphics controller is built into the APU and supports Radoen hD 7600 series graphics and also support DX11 and CrossFIRE X.

The F2A85-V Pro and F2A85-M Pro supports Display port in addition to HDMI/DVI/D-SUB. The F2a85-M and F2A85-M LE do not support Display Port.

The audio used on the 2 higher end models are ALC892 while the two lower end uses ALC887. All board uses Realtek 8111F GbE LAN and has 7 SATA 6Gbps and 1 eSATA 6Gbps native ports.

The two higher end boards include 6 USB 3 and 10 USB 2.0 while the 2 lower end has 4 USB 3 and 10 USB 2.0 ports.

As we have mentioned that some newer board supports Virtu MVP, The ASUS does not seem to support it.

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