If you are an Intel user, you would probably be aware of XMP. AMD in it’s upcoming motherboards featuring the Socket FM2 will support AMP. AMP or AMD memory profile it AMD’s version of the Intel Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP) which amounts to known-safe automatic overclock settings. The AMP profiles are stored in the DDR3 memory modules and can be read by supporting motherboards. With such ram modules, it is easy to configure the board to work well with these RAMs as the voltages, ram timings are already preset.

So far, Biostar, ECS and ASRock Socket FM2 boards will feature this capability. It will be useful for users who just wants less headaches plug and play solution. For those who loves to meddle with ram timings, this might not be that important as you can manually adjust your ram timings anyway.

So, will you buy AMP certified modules at a premium ? Discuss.