Google Pixel 3 XL Performance - Antutu, PCMark, Speedtest

Performance – PCMark, Antutu and Speedtest

PCMark measures the workloads on office productivity like web browsing, editing etc.

The benchmarks give a rough indication on how well the device performs under load.

Although devices might be powered by the same processor, the results might vary depending on how software is being optimised for battery life. The Pixel 3 XL scores 9106 which is a high score as compared to the devices on PCMark database.

Antutu Benchmark

In this benchmark, we see that the Pixel 3 XL ranks in the average pack of Snapdragon 845 smartphones from various manufacturers LG, Samsung, Sony etc.

Speedtest using Zero1 SIM

As a CAT 16 LTE device, we expect it to deliver high speeds. Sometimes, download speed varies from location to location. In our previous Pixel 2 XL review, we managed to reach 250 Mbps for download speed.