Google Pixel 3 Camera Features

Google Pixel 3 XL camera 

Pixel 3 XL not only improves on it’s hardware, it introduces many improvements in software to ensure the best image and video quality. As Google is a software company, computer learning and camera AI are major ingredients in the Pixel 3. As usual, it takes outstanding image in any light condition without meddling with exposure, ISO etc. The new features e.g. Top Shot will recommend the best shot with smiles instead of eyes shut during a photoshoot by using machine learning to find great shots around your photos were people are smiling with eyes open. It also detects blur,, gaze and focus to recommend great shots and save them in beautiful HDR+ and higher resolution. Digital Zoom has always been a challenge for taking a good picture. Pixel 3 uses Super Res Zoom and is able to get a sharp and clear picture (see picture on last page) though analysing the movements while you are holding the phone.

With Photobooth, you don’t need to press and snap a selfie as it takes a shot when it see a smile on your face. For those who like groupfies, the front wide angle allows you to cover a wider angle so that your friends won’t be left out in the photos. Pixel 3 XL now comes with Google Lens built into the camera. You can now take a picture and it can identify plants, animals. Thanks to machine learning, it can even tell you the name of the flowers. Enjoy AR stickers in Playground where you can take videos or selfies with Iron Man standing right next to you.

Other features include HDR+ which comes default. It takes up to 8 frames and merge them together for amazing photos in any light with zero shutter lag.

Good news : All photos and video taken will be uploaded in original quality to Google Photos with no storage limit until 31/Jan/2022 after which they will remain free at original quality.