Night Sight - Astrophotography

Google has announced that the astrophotography mode is indeed coming to the Pixel 3 series including the Pixel 3a.G

Pixel 4 is the first to have this feature available in the Night Sight option in the camera. To enable it, you need to be in a super dark environment (with minimum light) and set your phone to Night Sight mode, astro mode will auto enable.

With Astrophotography mode, it basically lenghthens the exposure time to beyond 4 minutes. It is not easy to see stars in this part of the world due to light pollution. It may not be that meaningful to have such a feature that most people can’t immediately enjoy unless they travel to some rural areas where there is minimal light pollution and take a picture of the stars with a tripod.

Unfortunately, this feature is automatic, it detects the environment and is automatically enabled when it detect pitch darkness. The phone must also be held steadily to enable the Astrophoto mode. There are no manual settings available to override it.

#NightSight already helps you take beautiful photos in the dark. Now you can use it for shots of the night sky. Coming to Pixel 3a and Pixel 3 as well as #pixel4#madebygoogle