Speed and Network Performance of the Honor 10

Price SGD 579

Honor 10 uses the Hisilicon Kirin 970 processor which is similar to the Huawei P20. It is not surprising that the PCmark test results are similar with the same workload.

How about speedtest then ? If you have noticed, the Honor 10 supports Dual LTE SIM slots. You might be wondering why is there a need for such a design since you can’t possibly use data on both cards at the same time. Well, as both radio supports VoLTE, 4G data is required for phone calls to be made. In the near future when phone calls uses VoLTE, the Dual LTE will come handy. At the moment, voice calls are still in 3G as most of the MVNOs don’t support VoLTE.

With carrier aggregation turned on, we can see 4G+ which enhances the bandwidth by combining bands 3 and 7 to give you a higher throughput). In this case, we are able to obtain a benchmark score of 154 Mbps which is quite a remarkable result on MVNO Zero1 Singapore.