Having used larger phablets of 6″ or 7″, the HTC One M9 fits better in my small palms. It is handy and I could feel the responsiveness of the apps as it is powered by the Snapdragon 810 processor. Although it runs faster than my other smartphones, the HTC One M9 seems to be a bit warmer on the back surface. Could it be due to the metallic body or is it the processor that is not throttling well to cool the processor?

As a smartphone, the picture and video quality taken under good lighting is excellent but image stabilisation under dim light/night is necessary. On top of that, some manufacturers are going for F/1.8 lens to make it even more camera like. HTC needs to work on this aspect.

As for the Dolby Audio, it really makes a difference if you were to watch a movie on it. Although you won’t feel the bass thumping effect as if you are in the theatre, the surround sound adds depth to movies that were formerly delivered in stereo. Try those movie trailers available on youtube and you will feel the difference for yourself.

In Conclusion, the HTC One M9 stands out from the competition. I would prefer a larger screen though. The HTC One M9 is now retailing S$1008 at local M1,Starhub,Singtel without contract. The HTC One M9 is also available on Amazon (US) from USD 649  and Amazon (UK) from £489

Price  Amazon (US) from USD 649  and Amazon (UK) from £489
Singtel/M1/Starhub : S$1008

We give the HTC One M9 our Silver Award.


By Harry