Kingston HyperX Genesis Grey series modules KHX2133C9AD3X2K2-4GX
Bluetooth 16 Jul 2011

When it comes to choosing ram modules for your system,  you would definitely go for something that gives you the best price performance ratio, that is lowest price yet give you the best performance. Of course, the cost per GB is also another consideration.

Kingston is known for it’s value series of DRAM and the higher end HyperX T1 series. While most manufacturers are competing for market share, Kingston is also eying the mid high range market. The Hyper X GENESIS series is just one of the 5 HyperX series that targets the gamers, enthusiasts and most importantly system integrators.

The Kingston’s KHX2133C9AD3X2K2/4GX is a kit of two 256M x 64-bit 2GB (2048MB) DDR3-2133MHz CL9 SDRAM
(Synchronous DRAM) memory modules, based on sixteen 128M x 8-bit DDR3 FBGA components per module. Each
module kit supports Intel ® XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles). Total kit capacity is 4GB. Each module kit has been tested
to run at DDR3-2133MHz at a low latency timing of 9-11-9 at 1.65V. The SPDs are programmed to JEDEC standard
latency DDR3-1333MHz timing of 9-9-9 at 1.5V. Each 240-pin DIMM uses gold contact fingers and requires +1.5V.

As it supports Intel’s XMP profiling, it is easy to configure Intel P67, Z68 systems as both supports DDR3-2133. Simply enter into the BIOS and choose Profile#1 or Profile#2 and the system will be able to work correctly at the rated speed.

The two XMP profiles are as follow at 1.65v

Profile #1 C9-11-9-27-2T DDR3-2133
Profile #2 C9-9-9-27-2T DDR3-1866

On the 2nd page, we will take a look at the performance of this pair of modules with some benchmarks.