Cinebench 11.5, 3dMark Vantage and 3Dmark11

When it comes to Cinebench 11.5 which again is a CPU intensive test, the same results can be seen from the chart below. With a higher latency, we get a lower result. In this case, the HyperX T1 with 1T cmd is better off than the GENESIS at 2T and higher latency.

When it comes to 3DMark Vantage 3D graphics benchmarking, the results of the HyperX GENESIS running at DDR3-1866 at C9 is almost on par with the T1 series at CAS 7. Although we have GENESIS running at DDR3-2133 it is 11 points below the other two.

With Futuremark 3DMark11 at 1920×1080, the benchmark is again tested. This time round, we see that the HyperX Genesis at both profiles runs slightly faster than the T1 series with a small difference.