Speedtest and CA

Speedtest on Realme 6 Pro

We used two SIMs on the phone, a Circles.Life (M1) and a Grid (Singtel). The signal strength is very strong at the location of test.

During the speedtest on Grid which runs on Singtel, we can see that it detected 4G+ and the performance registers around 151 Mbps. From this result, it should be Interband Carrier Aggregation at work.

Realme 6 Pro is priced at S$499 and is available on Lazada store.

Running the same test on Circles.Life only give us a score of around 60 Mbps, 4G+ was never seen during our 2 weeks of test. Although it may not be conclusive, it seems that the phone doesn’t support CA of any form on Circles.Life SIM. When we inserted the same SIM onto the Pixel 3a, Carrier aggregation is activated and performance is above 100 Mbps.

For users of TPG, Realme 6 Pro works for making calls over VoLTE. It also supports VoWIFI.