The Sony Xperia XA Ultra spots a ergonomics design. Even though it is a 6″, it feels good in the hands. Some smartphone’s design are so rigid and it feels like you are merely carrying a rectangular block in your hand. The Xperia XA Ultra is designed in such a way that it is suitable for one hand operation.

I like the idea of a Dual SIM slot separated from the microSD. In this case, you can use the external microSD memory without compromising the 2nd SIM.

The 21.5 megapixel back camera takes excellent pictures even in macro and night mode (both auto). The Xperia XA Ultra is tested to work with 200GB microSD cards (see specifications) and you can now store these files into the high capacity microSD card.

Use Android pay through the NFC to make payments at supermarkets and stores. You could also use the NFC and app to check the usage of your Ezlink or NETs Flashpay card. This is really handy especially if you need to top up your card.

With a 6″ screen, I can watch online streaming live broadcast from Toggle.sg. The Bravia engine turns the device into a mini TV where you can watch your favourite dramas on your own screen. I also enjoy playing Pokémon on this larger screen compared to my own 5″ smartphone.

The Sony Xperia XA Ultra  supports Quick charging with MediaTek Pump Express Plus 2.0 technology, thus reducing the amount of time to get it up and running when juice are low.

Priced at a retail price of S$648 without contract, the price is reasonable for the feast of functions. I would recommend this phone if you are looking for a 6″ with good camera features, DUAL SIM, 200GB microSD support, Android PAY, NFC feature.

The same smartphone is also available in the USA AMAZON Store at USD 329.99.

SanDisk 200GB SD card can be bought at Amazon at USD 78.69

By Harry