Not to mention, most of the geeks prefer stock Android over the Sense. Stock is eveolving since its launch but the Sense is nearly the same as it was in the days of Windows Mobile. Well, if you have the hot phone of the era – the Samsung Galaxy S in your hands, you’d definitely love Stock Android on it. I rate Samsung’s TouchWiz a lot lower than the Sense. But that’s just me, you can differ.

Apparently, some Android modders/hackers also prefer Stock Android over TouchWiz. So they decided to run stock Android 2.1 on Samsung Galaxy S and they did! Just imagine the neat default Android interface. Makes life much easier. See the demo for yourself:

Looks cool eh? Really, I love it. There are some issues, as mentioned in the video. Camera isn’t working as yet. But they have achieved major milestones. Camera is not too far away. You’ll have to wait until all the bugs are fixed. You’ll then be treated with the fresh out of the oven Eclair for your Galaxy S