If you have been waiting for the value for money Android phone, the GalaxySpica might be the best deal in Singapore right now. Available under M1 Take 3 plan, take this phone back at S$0 upfront with cheapest subscription plan of S$19.26 Under Sunlite plan or S$25 for Sunsaver. It is even cheaper than the Tattoo.

Android Platform

Bringing a whole new look and ease-of-use to the mobile, the Android operating system revolutionizes the smart phone experience. Able to work seamlessly with PCs, Android opens up a whole range of possibilities with the mobile applications via Android Market. Preloaded with popular internet applications, Samsung GALAXYSPICA takes you through easily from web surfing to instant messaging, email, Google Talk, Facebook and many more.

Fast Speed

At first touch, you will feel the difference our 800MHz processor makes in unleashing its invisible power at superlative speeds. Whether you’re uploading data, transferring files or streaming videos on the web, you’ll zip through applications with extra speed. Enjoy effortless syncs and instant updates to your email and contacts so you’re always connected. The Android platform also utilizes the accelerated CPU to its utmost so your Google-based applications and other tasks run seamlessly.

Longer Usability

A 1500 mAh battery means never being concerned about your handset running out of battery. You will appreciate how much longer you can play games, run your favourite apps, watch videos and surf the internet. Seemingly endless power supply makes your handset indispensable and lets you keep going, long after overtime.

Widespread Connectivity

Extensive bandwidth coverage worldwide keeps you connected no matter where you are. Samsung GALAXYSPICA enables extra speedy downloads of games and videos, or upload photos and clips in no time. With WI-FI connection, you can check out your favourite sites on the go.

GPS Navigation and Google Maps

Never lose your way with GPS Navigation and Google Maps, geo location services that pinpoint user location and help guide you to where you want to go.

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