If you have been trying to dual boot your old net pc with Windows and Android. Bluestacks might have a solution for you.

BlueStacks is a software that virtualised a full Android OS running on top of a x86 based system. Although we can already do that natively on x86 with builds available on Androidx86, you can’t run them side by side. With BlueStacks, it can be placed side by side and switch between Windows and Android app.

As the system is powered by Windows drivers, you can print directly from your Android application. The same applies to other audio applications. The downside is that, just with native ports of the X86 version of Android 2.2, it does not come with Android Market. It is cumbersome for some as certain applications are only distributed through the official channel.

BlueStacks has a flash video which shows the possibilities of this application. Currently, the software is not available for download. For Intel and AMD, it is definitely a good way to promote their low powered processors since they can run both x86 and android while ARM processors only available on phones aren’t able to run Windows applications.

So, will you wait go for this application. A definite YES. I am currently running on ASUS Eee PC 900 with a X86 port of the Android 2.2 which is usable less buggy and lack of Android market.